VAB was established in 1998 by Non-resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) in the USA, led by Dr. A. T. Rafiqur Rahman to help the poorest children in rural Bangladesh to gain quality education and skills training. VAB raises funds from NRBs and their American friends through its head office in New York and implements programs on quality secondary education in Bangladesh through its office in Dhaka. VAB is a non-profit charity registered in New York and Bangladesh. VAB supports Bangladesh’s public and secular education system. Individual programs have been developed within the framework of a multi-faceted and integrated Model for Quality Education in Rural Bangladesh, commonly known as the VAB Model. Individual programs include scholarships and tutoring help to students, teachers’ training, providing school equipment, and promoting linkages between schools and local communities. The programs in the Model improve test scores, lower dropout rates, and ultimately provide opportunities to obtain a better standard of living for students. VAB scholarship holders have shown success in accessing further studies and gaining employment both in Bangladesh and abroad. VAB works in partnership with rural high schools, teachers, parents, community members, students and former students to create purpose, community ownership and an active desire to improve the quality of education children receive.

1999 – 2004

Introductory Phase:
VAB started its network and publicity both in the USA and in Bangladesh through the Founder’s long annual visits using his extensive contacts, and developed operating procedures and secured increasing support. During this initial phase, VAB has been privileged to have its Partner Prakritajan’s network of rural high schools to carry out VAB’s activities.


2005 – 2009

Experimental Phase:
VAB took complete control of its program in Bangladesh as well as received registration with the Government of Bangladesh as a foreign NGO. While learning to operate as an USA International NGO, VAB faced several personnel challenges in its Advisory Board and top management position, which limited VAB’s activity somewhat. During this phase, VAB engaged the first Country Director (CD), Dr. James Tejosh Das, who implemented VAB’s initial quality education program in rural schools.


2010 – 2014

Expansion Phase:
VAB has been fortunate to have a dedicated full time volunteer Country Director, Dr. Jasimuz Zaman, and Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury, celebrated National Professor as the Chairman of its Advisory Board in Bangladesh in 2010. During this phase, VAB finalized its program focus on quality education for rural high schools and started experiment with a Five-Year program in three Clusters of five schools each. VAB also focused on consolidating its future in Bangladesh by procuring office space for VAB and by initiating a Trust Fund. VAB also expanded its program by approving a Chapter in Toronto, Canada.


2015 – 2019

All-Round Quality Focus Phase:
VAB program experimentation that was initiated in the earlier phase continued with vigor, going beyond the core facets of quality education and encompassing the multi-faceted nature of quality education addressing learning, competence and citizenship, as recommended by the National Education Policy of Bangladesh. Additions included a computer skill enhancement program, an innovative English skill learning program, organizing co-curricular activities through student clubs, in the fields of debating, Math, Volunteering and sports. At the same time, there was an emphasis on sustainability of quality education. VAB in Bangladesh continually faced a dilemma balancing the multidimensional needs of quality education with its personnel and financial resources. During this time, the frequency of physical presence of VAB USA officials through visits to Bangladesh was severely limited. This resulted in limited interaction with the VAB BD management and officials.